Bioanalytical Module

The E-Notebook BioAnalytical Module is an Electronic Laboratory Notebook solution developed in collaboration with Bioanalytical scientists and tailored to their specific business processes. It helps scientists maximize throughput (number of samples analyzed) while at the same time minimizing exceptions and the time required to report results. With the addition of the BioAnalytical Module, E-Notebook streamlines bioanalytical methods development and methods validation, reduces errors, speeds reviewing time and ensures GLP compliance.

  • Scientists are able to spend less time reviewing their work and more time on science as E-Notebook prevents exceptions and ensures accuracy by ensuring compliance of both equipment and reagents and automating many data transfer and calculation operations
  • Transparency and compliance to established protocols is ensured as analyses must be carried out according to reviewed and approved protocols and any deviations from those protocols are automatically recorded
  • Scientists are able to save significant time creating a summary report at the end of a study by using preconfigured reports that provide a summary of data across different activities in the system

Creating a new calculation in the E-Notebook BioAnalytical Module.

Figure 1: Creating a new calculation in the E-Notebook BioAnalytical Module.
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Results from Watson LIMS can be incorporated in E-Notebook and can trigger method validation calculations. Close integration between E-Notebook and Watson LIMS complements Watson’s specimen tracking and computation capabilities. The BioAnalytical Module maintains links with Watson records at the Project and Study levels and pulls data for individual Runs as appropriate.

The E-Notebook BioAnalytical Module also reduces workload for scientists by providing a library of templates for LCMS, Immunochemistry, Immunogenicity, and Biomarkers and by managing stock materials, solutions, and recipes and maintaining equipment service schedules.

With the addition of the BioAnalytical Module, E-Notebook directly meets the needs and challenges of bioanalytical scientists, employing the organization and terminology which is intuitively consistent with bioanalytical workflows. It is an essential, comprehensive, out-of-the-box solution for the bioanalytical laboratory.