Translational Medicine

  • Biological Response

    Understand biological response much more easily

    In early clinical research, a key objective is to verify that the same mechanism of drug action observed in the research organisms is observed in the clinical subjects. In TIBCO Spotfire, the translational medicine scientist can effectively integrate the data from clinical and non-clinical assays to establish this critical relationship between drug administration and biological response.

  • Predictive Biomarkers

    Interrogate data more completely and maximize the chances of finding a potential predictive biomarker

    TIBCO Spotfire has built-in statistics and tight integration with best-in-class statistical engines to enable the search for patient selection biomarkers among high-content datasets (e.g., next-generation sequencing, gene expression analysis, etc.). Many drugs have improved chances of success if a target patient population can be identified, but assembling those data is complex, error-prone and time-consuming. TIBCO Spotfire provides a platform to support all aspects of the search for predictive biomarkers: assembling the data, removing redundant data features, building predictive models and testing those models.

  • Molecular Mechanisms of Disease

    Explore, refine, and refute hypotheses more quickly

    Progressively larger repositories of publically and privately generated high-content assay data (e.g. next-generation sequencing) are becoming available to the personalized medicine community. TIBCO Spotfire provides an ideally capable tool for exploiting those data because it is the most scalable visual analytics platform available. In this platform, the translational medicine scientist can pull in large volumes of process data and interrogate those data with dimension-free data browsing and free-flowing hypothesis generation. By reducing the requirement to go back to the data repositories for subsets of data, TIBCO Spotfire enables to the scientist to explore, refine, and refute hypotheses more quickly.

  • TIBCO Spotfire Software

    Learn how TIBCO Spotfire can improve your results and productivity

    Organizations and individuals can seize new opportunities and evade risks with unmatched speed and flexibility, using the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform. From interactive dashboards and visualizations to predictive analytics, TIBCO Spotfire software is an enterprise analytics platform that helps scientists quickly explore data to spot actionable insights instantly, without requiring IT intervention.