Your Business Intelligence Partner in Life Science Sales and Marketing

  • TRx/NRx Analysis

    Quickly identify trends in sales data

    TIBCO Spotfire quickly analyzes third-party sales data from vendors like IMS Health and Wolters Kluwer against your SFA and CRM systems. Rapidly find often-missed trends in sales data, market share dynamics, detailing reach and frequency and promotional effectiveness. Replace static presentations and reports, provide one-click, role-based access to data, wherever it resides, and dynamically add, transform and derive data on demand, without the need to write code.

  • Emerging Markets

    Pinpoint emerging market variations in form, strength, currency, and market conditions

    Executives depend on insight from disparate locations to identify markets with the highest potential, define the competitive landscape, and customize a diverse, multichannel product portfolio tailored for local health demographics and medical practices. To measure sales performance, it is imperative for analytics tools like TIBCO Spotfire to demonstrate performance for reimbursement (private out-of-pocket, social insurance, publicly subsidized programs) and account for national variations in form, strength, currency, and market conditions.

  • Closed Loop Reporting

    Visualize Physician-Sales Rep interactions

    TIBCO Spotfire's interactive visualizations empower every user to capture the key insights to the closed loop marketing process. One can explore many pertinent key metrics, such as call to details ratio, day of week and time of day distribution, and physician reaction to content.  Analysts can determine the most powerful messages communicated during the detailing experience.

  • TIBCO Spotfire Software

    Learn how TIBCO Spotfire can improve your results and productivity

    Organizations and individuals can seize new opportunities and evade risks with unmatched speed and flexibility, using the TIBCO Spotfire analytics platform. From interactive dashboards and visualizations to predictive analytics, TIBCO Spotfire software is an enterprise analytics platform that helps scientists quickly explore data to spot actionable insights instantly, without requiring IT intervention.