SciStream instrument data import software

Unlock the power of dynamic visualization for your instrument data

SciStream™, the new add-on to TIBCO Spotfire®, enables scientists to import instrument output into TIBCO Spotfire easier than ever before.

SciStream software facilitates quick mash up and analysis of data from multiple experiments or assays, multiple screens, and multiple instruments or detection modalities; the software allows you to compare, confirm, and discover relationships you couldn’t before.

The SciStream add-on to TIBCO Spotfire offers:

  • Generic plate data import
    • For virtually any plate reader, scanner, or HCS reader
    • Multi-parametric data
    • Kinetic or time lapse data (label-free, calcium flux, etc.)
    • Multi-parametric and time lapse data in a single file
    • Data in a block format
    • Data with file, plate, block headers and footers
  • Support for flow cytometer data files (FCS 3.0 and 3.1)
    • Automated compensation correction using embedded spillover table
    • Extract keyword values and other metadata (e.g. well location, date, sample name, etc.) from FCS file header section and file name
  • Support for PerkinElmer's Quantitative Pathology Imaging Systems (Mantra/Vectra/inForm)
    • Detects and imports inForm output files (cell level data) and corresponding images into Spotfire
    • All corresponding images or fields are automatically imported and displayed in Spotfire and overlaid with cell markings (masks) representing all the cells identified during image analysis
    • Filtering or marking on any Spotfire visualization (scatter plots, bar charts, histograms, etc.) will highlight or display the corresponding cell markings/masks on the corresponding image(s)
    • Also supports other object/cell level images and data when X and Y coordinates are available (HCS and other imaging applications)
  • Extract important metadata and information from header and footer rows, columns, or cells
  • Batch import multiple plate data files into TIBCO Spotfire
  • Batch import High Content Screening data files (well and cell level data)
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SciStream software dramatically extends the import function in TIBCO Spotfire to deliver data files from virtually any scientific instrument

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