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May 15, 2015

ChemDraw 15 is released - Strengthened & Streamlined

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of ChemDraw, the #1 digital drawing tool for scientists around the world! ChemDraw remains a vibrant tool, with its chemical knowledge and technical advances. ChemDraw 15 was released in early May 2015, with new features and improvements. Learn more and get a free trial here.

Some ChemDraw 15 Features and Improvements include:
  • Mac ChemDraw supports Retina Display and Mac OS 10.10. Mac ChemDraw’s foundation technology has also been substantially updated
  • Improved handling of brackets in biopolymers to allow for repeat units
  • Copy/Paste v3000 molfiles and incorporate in SDfiles for handling advanced stereochemistry
  • Updated Chem3D third party interfaces, including MOPAC 2012
  • A direct link to SciFinder remains in ChemDraw 15 for easy searching
  • The versions of ChemDraw now include ChemDraw Prime (complete entry-level version), ChemDraw Professional (full- featured, advanced version), and ChemOffice Professional (a single top-level product.) The "bio" name of ChemDraw has been dropped, however the biology functionalities are still intact.

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